It’s High Time to Bring Cynthia Rothrock onto Slot Reels

Video slots featuring martial arts and well-known masters of martial arts are nothing new. Over the years, we’ve seen many of them pop up at various online casino, some of the most famous ones featuring the likes of Bruce Lee and many animated characters from cartoons and video games. So, launching a slot featuring Cynthia Rothrock, one of the most famous female martial artists is definitely not that far-fetched.

Rothrock, who was born in 1957, has built a hugely successful career, earning the title of The Queen of Martial Artist. She’s also starred in a number of B action movies, building her acting portfolio first in Hong Kong before coming back home to the USA. She has the black belt in a number of martial arts, including Karate, Taekwondo, Wu Shu, Northern Shaolin, and Eagle Claw.

Plenty Material for Great Entertainment

A long and versatile career of Cynthia Rock definitely offers more than enough for a slot maker with some imagination to create an exciting game that would go over well with the playing audience. Perhaps this would be a job well-suited for recently launched SkyCity online casino in New Zealand, who could pair up with one of the established game developers such as Microgaming or Big Time Gaming to create a unique slot that would really help them stand out. Another good opportunity would be to make this a mobile first slot. As mobile gaming is getting more and more popular, game developers are starting to develop slots exclusively for mobile phones. Considering SkyCity offer a pretty decent and new mobile casino, creating a mobile slot could definitely be a good move.

Having a proprietary slot is one of the best ways for a casino to make a name for themselves and being fairly new to the online niches, SkyCity could definitely do with a bit of a boost. So, this might be an excellent opportunity for the operator to shine and potentially attract many new players who’ll look to try their luck on a slot featuring their role model.

An Action-packed Game Is in Order

While game developers usually have a pretty good idea of what they’re doing, there’ve been some instances where they took a great idea and then botched the implementation part. For a slot featuring Cynthia Rothrock, there is no doubt it has to be an action-packed game filled with features that go with the theme.

A slot with megaways comes to mind, with Rothrock appearing as an expanding wild, kicking additional wilds on to the reels in a random fashion, increasing players’ chances to win big. Other symbols such as katanas, ninja stars, knives, and nunchuk would go over well as lower paying symbols, while some of the main villains from Rothrcok’s most successful movies could be in the high paying group.

To wrap it up, adding some cut scenes from the said movies would really make this slot into a type of game players are looking for today. Packed with action, rich in graphics, and filled with entertaining scenes to break the gameplay, it could actually pick a lot of traction from Cynthia fans and regular players who enjoy fast-paced slots alike.

Hopefully, someone form SkyCity Casino picks up on this idea and actually makes it a reality. With Rothrock being pretty much retired these days, a game like this would be a great way to honor her work and put some of her best moments in front of the people’s eyeballs.