A Tell-All with Cynthia Rothrock, The Queen of Martial Arts

At a time when superheroes, especially female ones, were non-existent, Cynthia Rothrock was one of the legends of numerous action films and movies. The Queen of Martial Arts is already semi-retired, only occasionally coming out to do a project or two. She keeps busy in her martial arts studio, teaching private lessons.

With most of her fans wondering what the Queen of Martial Arts has been up to these days, here’s some update from her from the Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal.

Rothrock on the working transition to Hong Kong: It was new but she was able to transition pretty smoothly because everybody in the film production was accommodating and friendly. She felt the need to work harder, being in an industry dominated by men, but eventually, she was able to do so quickly.

On the fight choreography of newer movie productions: Having seen several movie productions with different fighting styles, she concluded that it’s surely getting better with the scenes more realistic and awesome. Some of the films she mentioned include The Matrix, Kingsman, and Sherlock Holmes.

On any current actress that she’s looking forward to watch presence and ability-wise: She is looking forward to watch the new Wonder Woman movie because Gal Gadot was great, and when she did see the movie, she was impressed.

On an actor she’d like to fight with on cam: Hands down, definitely Jackie Chan. Rotrock went on to say that she did meet him, but was not able to work with him on screen.

On the production, producer, and director she would like to work with: She would love to work with Kenneth Branaugh, Tim Burton or Quentin Tarantino. She dreams to make A-grade movies too.

On her final thoughts about the progressive shifting of female power in Hollywood: She hopes for more opportunities for women in show business and for its steady growth. It’s wishful thinking to hope that women get to run everything, but to be seen as equals is something that she looks forward to.